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   LM Series - Belt Driven
Linear Drive
LT2060 series screw or belt driven Linear Drive

The RACO  LM Linear module is the building block for both single axis or multiple axis systems. The carriage travels on adjustable  roller bearings surrounded by a shock absorbing elastomer tire, driven by a steel cord reinforced timing belt with zero backlash . 

The RACO LM drives are designed for high speeds and long travel (stroke) with medium side load capabilities that are found frequently in today's process automation.


 fig.: Linear drive series 2040

The LM series Linear Drive is available in 
2 sizes. 

Thrusts (linear forces):
Up to 20 kN (4,500 lbf)  
Strokes (linear travel): 
In excess of  12 m (40 ft)
Up to 10 m/sec (400 in/sec)

The RACO  LT2060 Linear Drive  is designed for heavy loads at moderate speeds. The carriage is supported by  moving on slides.

This actuator is Belt, ACME or Ball Screw driven and can accommodate heavy duty applications that are closely related to the capabilities of the RACO MA Rod Type Electric Actuator, but with a much longer stroke capability.


RACO´s  linear actuator LT2060

The LT 2060  series actuator features:

Thrusts (linear forces):
Up to  to 20 kN (4,500 lbf)  
Strokes (linear travel): 
In excess of  5 m (16 ft)
Up to 2 m/sec (80 in/sec)

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