LM Linear Drive sizing / selection  utility   

Select  calculation layer by clicking the radio button 

 RACO LM - Linear Drive  sizing / selection utility 

By clicking the Data Input-, LM3- or LM4-  radio button you will  access (make visible) the individual calculation forms. 
Enter load and motion profile values in the Data Input form and trigger the calculation. 
The appropriate fields in all forms will be filled with calculated data. 
Make visible the LM3 or LM4 form. 
Make appropriate selections, trigger the next calculations,  input some motor data, trigger the next calculation, or go back and change some inputs, re-trigger the calculation ....continue to optimize your sizing / selection.


Note / Disclaimer:  The user is solely responsible for the correct interpretation of the results.
We made the best effort to avoid any mistakes in  this online PT & Drive engineering calculation utility. RACO International is not liable for any mistakes or   damages resulting from the use of this utility.   


Data Input 

LM 3

LM 4 

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