Company Profile and History
We pioneered the clean environmentally safe Electric Actuator.

RACO is the true pioneer of electric actuators.  

The RACO- Electric Actuator
was invented and patented more than 50 years ago. RACO actuators offer reliable and environmentally safe and economical solutions replacing hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

RACO Actuators  are ideal components / subsystems for  demanding  Automation applications.  RACO offers  two types of actuators: a high  precision Ball Screw and a reliable ACME screw. RACO also offers an electro-mechanical spring loaded  brake actuator systems for light rail mass transportation vehicles.

RACO International, L.P. is a subsidiary of RACO Schwelm GmbH and serves the needs of customers in the USA, CANADA and Mexico with its head office in Pittsburgh (Bethel Park), PA.


RACO is an international leading manufacturer of linear and rotating electromechanical systems . We are dedicated to satisfying our customers most demanding  requirements.

  Das RACO-Team

Our experienced team of engineers and skilled technicians will develop a customized solution for 
       YOUR Application 
and deliver it on time.


For additional information on our company,
the range of products and applications,
please have a look at our 50 Year anniversary brochure
"Precision in Motion



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RACO International, L.P.  in Bethel Park PA since 1962