RACO  Spring Loaded Electric  BRAKE ACTUATOR

RACO's spring loaded brake actuators are designed for electric powered vehicles such as light rail street cars, trams, cable cars, with drum or disk brakes.
Since most of these vehicles are equipped with electrical drive motors and regenerative drives, the majority of the kinetic energy during the deceleration process is returned into the supply power distribution system. For the final deceleration process, below 5 mph, and at stand still a secondary holding brake system is required.

The spring loaded brake actuator operates solely on electrical power, so there is no need for pumps, hoses, valves, fluid reservoirs or other pneumatic or hydraulic control equipment. It is an environmentally friendly alternative with no potential of leaking possible pollutant into the environment.

An Explosion-proof design of the spring loaded brake actuator is also available for underground mining locomotives and transport vehicles.

RACO´s spring brake actuator system


Dimensionally small and light weight Easy to install and connect Smooth and jerk-free brakingDoes not freeze or ice up at low temperatures No hydraulic linesLow noise emission Environmentally friendly  No leakage of hazardous fluid Low operating and service costs