All RACO precision ground ball screws are manufactured in an climate controlled environment. This is the only way to guarantee the highest achievable accuracy and precision. The results are superior performance, longevity, the highest overall lead accuracy, repeatability and most important for you a significant improved, reliable end product.
The precise shape of the ground  ball nut and spindle profile provides  a significantly longer life than other rolled, machined or mechanically processed ball screws.

RACO's thread profile geometry is monitored and controlled  with profile projectors  during the manufacturing process.

In order to provide maximum stiffness and precision, we select only the best possible screw to nut matching ball diameter with the highest grade of roundness and surface quality.
All RACO ball nuts are designed with  multi  circuit ball races and internal ball returns. This guaranties protection from external impacts and the catastrophic failure of the ball screw assembly if the ball return is interrupted as possible with products of other manufacturers.

We are able to fulfil all of your requirements for your high precision ball screw applications, by offering either individual units or high volume production runs at competitive prices.

Raco´s ball screws

Do not settle for a second class ball screw
by sacrificing  the performance of your machine tool ! 

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RACO Ball Screws
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