RACO BALL SCREWS  with Quality-Guarantee  

RACO is using the most stringent quality control methods including state of the art instruments, such as a  laser- interferometer, in climate controlled production and inspection rooms to insure a consistent  high quality level for our precision ground ball screw assemblies. This includes zero backlash preloaded double nut assemblies.

We have also entrusted FMT (the Society for Precision Measuring Technology) with the final test including preparing a protocol of the readings for lead precision, overall lead accuracy and torque. 

The fact that the final quality inspection is performed by an independent external third party, reinforces our guarantee that RACO is providing the highest level of quality for precision ground ball screws. These ball screw assemblies are utilized in large automated portal  tooling machines, grinding machines and even on the top of a volcano in Hawaii, actuating the nano-meter telescopes developed in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute.

highly specialized test equipment in climate-controlled rooms