Position Controller


Syn_Position_WEB Controller Logic

To position the stroke length of any RACO actuator, a universal and highly flexible position controller has been developed. In conjunction with the RACO actuator analog and digital position feed back devices and the customers setpoint signal, an accurate and efficient loop controlled system can be implemented. The controller output signals can be directly used to interface with the reversing motor starters or a variable frequency drive. Plausibility checks, analog input range supervision and / or default output conditions can be realized.

  • Actuator Position Controller

  • Input Signal 4-20mA, 0-10V Potentiometer

  • Output Signals, Potential Free Contacts 120V AC, 24V DC

  • Manual / Auto Control via Push Buttons

  • Four Row LCD Display

  • Small Foot Print

  • DIN Rail Mountable

Download Position
 Controller Brochure
 PDF File - 753 KB

Download Universal Position
 Controller for Synchronized
 Movements Brochure
 PDF File - 399 KB