RACO LT2060  Linear Drive (Rod-less Electric Actuator)

RACO's LT 2060 linear actuators are either ACME or ball screw driven. The sliding carriages are supported in a robust  aluminium profile suitable for carrying large load-forces, torques and bending moments. A magnetic tape cover provides protection against the environmental impacts, like rain dust and snow. A wide range of drive configurations and accessories are available.

- Stroke up to 5,000 mm (196")
- Linear thrust up to 20,000 N (4,500 lbf)
- Speed up to 750 mm/s (30"/sec.)
- Positioning accuracy
  up to > 0.5 mm (0.02")


LT 2060 in various basic designs:

The in-line design with motor
 or gear motor

The U design with motor
or gear motor

The T design with the helical /
helical-bevel gear motor



Please contact RACO International, L.P.  for further information.