RACO COMPACT - Series Rod-Type Electric Linear Actuator   

The RACO Compact series electric linear actuator has almost the same performance data as the MA series actuator, however the actuator has the smallest stroke to overall length relationship, short overall dimensions and a very compact and economical design. It is engineered for lighter duty applications, compared to the extreme heavy duty RACO MA actuator. It has a flexible modular design, which allows you to customize the actuators to the application requirements. The Compact Actuator family is available with a wide variety of drives such as the  standard RACO motor,  AC or DC gear motors and high  performance Servo motors

Depending upon your application requirements, we can offer either the reliable RACO self-locking ACME Screw or the quality RACO Ball Screw for high performance, accuracy and positioning applications. 

The COMPACT series actuators are available in 4 sizes. Thrusts (linear forces): up to 9,000 lbf (40kN) 
Standard Strokes (linear travel):   Size 2 up to 15.7" (400mm)
                                                     Size 4 up to 23.6" (600 mm)
                                                     Size 6 up to 39.3" (1000mm)
                                                     Size 7 up to 31.4" (800mm)
 RACO ACME SCREW Quick Selection Chart


RACO BALL SCREW Quick Selection Chart

Compact Design  Compact size 2 Data Compact size 4 Data
Compact size 6 Data Compact size 7 Data  
Download Size 2 PDF File
         1340 kByte
Download Size 4 PDF File
         3282 kByte
Download Size 6 PDF File
           564 kByte
Compact RFQ Application Form Download Size 7 PDF File
           573 kByte

Download Compact brochure 
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Application Example:  Hexapod 
This application is driven by six Compact K6E4  ball screw actuators. Each actuator is equipped with a stepper motor, brake and control unit