EPS02 / EPS06 Absolute Non-Contact Electronic Position Limit Switches

  • One Pair of Limit Switches
  • No Rotating Parts
  • Magnetic Pick-up
  • Extremely Accurate
  • RS232 Communication Interface
  • PC Setup Software

  • Up to Four Pair of Limit Switches
  • Analog Position Signal 4-20mA, 0-10V
  • Pulse Width Modulation Output
  • Includes Functionality of: DMU2 and UPM6
  • USB Communication Interface

The EPS02 and EPS06 are the newest additions in the line of RACO Limit Switches. The rotation of the motor or screw shaft will be transmitted via magnetic field in a non-contact form to the circuit board. Here it will be converted into 1024 pulses per revolution. The pulses will be counted, processed and stored in non-volatile memory. Even under loss of power the absolute position will be retained.

The EPS02 is the basic version with two independent tiers of end of stroke limit settings connected to relay output contacts (250VAC, 5A). Single or multiple stop points can be defined on each tier. A TTL serial RS232 communication interface allows easy configuration and setup of the limit switches.

The EPS06 is the advanced version, utilizing the components of the EPS02, by connecting the expansion board via a ribbon cable. The expansion board enhances the EPS06 functions to include two independent tiers of end of stroke limit settings connected to relay output contacts (250VAC, 5A) ,a scalable analog output signal 4-20mA and 0-10VDC, a pulse width modulation output signal and up to three additional pairs of limit switches. Rotational speed supervision is also possible. The expansion board provides a USB interface port.

Version 1.8.4

Version 1.8.7

Download EPS02 brochure
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Download EPS Setup Software 1.8.4
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Download EPS06 brochure
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Download EPS Setup Software 1.8.7
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Download EPS02 /06 Spare brochure
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