Position Feedback Devices

DMU position emitter 4..20mA

Configuration DMU


Configuration Potentiometer

The RACO angular position transducer, DMU 2, converts the angle of a rotating shaft into a proportional, load independent, direct current signal of 0(4) to 20mA. The potentiometer generates a 0 to 12V / 24V output signal dependant on the selected power supply, the angle of rotation and the .

The angular position transmitter converts the position signal into an absolute position, therefore, it is not necessary to perform a homing cycle even if there is a power failure.

For measurements of angular positions exceeding 345, RACO standard gear sets are available to facilitate these applications.

As shown in both photos, up to three pairs of adjustable limit switches can be mounted between the gear set and the DMU 2 or the potentiometer.

Adapters are available to mount these accessories to all of RACO's linear devices.

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